Today I found an open source web stats app I wanted to test. I had everything I needed except for a PHP MySql extension (PDO_MySQL). Thinking I'd get a "No can do" back I thought I'd ask - just in case. Very cool

Cubux.net, Fitzcarraldo s.r.o.

I have done live chat multiple times in the past few days, and have been so pleased with the service. Website management is a bit more than I imagined, but what I love about Web Hosting Hub is that someone is always at the ready to help me.


AlfaCloud did a wonderful job in helping me with my questions and getting me started with WordPress. It was a pleasure having him as a consultant. I hope all of your consultants are as pleasant and helpful as he was.

Elina Lekař-stomatolog. http://legeartis-dent.cz/, LEGE ARTIS DENT CZ s.r.o.